Moving to California

Recommended listening while reading: California Dreamin'

My summer in Norway is coming to a close, after some ups and downs, and I'm preparing to move to California to attend the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. 

My family's summer house in the Swedish woods.

Working part-time this summer as a bartender at a local dive bar was interrupted by a brief stay in the hospital. After a successful surgery, sick leave from work followed, with the accompanying regaining of strength and endurance, and so forth. Part of this convalescence period was spent at my family's summer house in Sweden.

I'm currently back in Norway after an all-day, cross-country drive through the mountains. My passport has finally returned from the US Embassy in Oslo, complete with a brand new F1 student visa.

The first official date of the semester is on August 25th, when orientation starts. Student visa regulations stipulate that F1 visa holders cannot arrive in the US earlier than 30 days before the first date of the school program. Thus, my plan is to leave in early August to have some time to familiarize myself with the area, meet my friend and look for a place to live.

I have not been in school since May, 2012, when I finished my undergraduate degree at Pace University in New York. I'm excited to get started again, and while I fully recognize that this will be a much more challenging experience, I'm very ready for it.