Hi, I'm Martin.

I'm a freelance photographer and journalist. I live and work in Bergen, Norway (but I'll fly anywhere in the world to take pictures if you want to pay me for it.) I have a master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley (2016), and a bachelor's degree in film making from Pace University (2012). 

I've done a lot of strange and varied work through the years.

I was a communications advisor for Norway's biggest classical music and theater festival, a photo editor for a failing photo agency in San Francisco, and a video editor at an extreme sports festival in Norway. In grad school I was a crime reporter, and then a clickbait writer for a travel startup in San Francisco. I've been a social media manager (and bouncer) for several bars and nightclubs, and a photography assistant for a renowned underwater photographer in Mozambique, which led to underwater videography and video editing in Thailand. I've searched for rhino poachers in Mozambique with South African ex-military intelligence operators (and collapsed from heat stroke in the process), and I've worked in a call center for a photo printing company. I've interviewed standup comedians, police commissioners, and registered sex offenders. I've won awards for my writing and photography, and I've gotten hate mails and threats for it too. 

If you want to give me a chance to win more awards, or get more hate mail, you can reach me at: totland.martin@gmail.com 

Some clients include:

  • Edelman/PayPal
  • Trinity Properties
  • CBS Man Cave Daily
  • UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
  • UC Berkeley Haas School of Business
  • SAPIO Magazine
  • Pacific Center
  • ONA Bags
  • SF Iron
  • Roads & Kingdoms
  • Bergens Tidende (Times of Bergen - local Norwegian newspaper)

and many others.


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