WRITING - Selected Stories

The Uphill Battle to Save Rhinos in Mozambique - OxPeckers Investigative Environmental Journalism

First-person, reported essay on Mozambique's struggles to protect the few remaining, critically endangered rhinos from ruthless poachers and criminal syndicates. 

A Week in Hotel Neiden - Roads & Kingdoms

I wrote the introductory essay for this photo essay on refugees living in a small town in northern Norway, and how they deal with the isolation and uncertainty of their future. All photographs by Alessandro Iovino.

Medical marijuana: Richmond ice cream maker satisfies munchies with special ingredient - Richmond Confidential / The Contra Costa Times

Feature story on medical marijuana entrepreneur Isaac Lappert, an up-and-coming edibles-maker in the California medical marijuana industry. Originally ran in Richmond Confidential in November, 2014. Picked up by The Contra Costa Times in January, 2015.

Richmond police stats show decline in homicides - Richmond Confidential / KQED News

Analysis of crime statistics in the city of Richmond, CA, showing a decline in homicides. Interactive map shows homicides for 2012, 2013 and 2014, with information on location, date, name of victim, etc. Picked up by KQED News shortly after appearing on Richmond Confidential's website.

The Sardine Run - SUBMERGE Magazine

Feature story for South-African scuba diving magazine SUBMERGE, focusing on the annual Sardine Run and my experience on a week-long excursion in 2012 to find and document one of nature's most awe-inspiring phenomenons.

Reimbursement from God: Police Chaplains in Richmond - Richmond Confidential

A profile on George Epps, a police chaplain in the city of Richmond, CA. 




Video Profile of Niki Sims, Starting Strength Coach

  • Niki Sims, 29, is a Starting Strength coach at San Francisco Iron. In this video profile she explains the importance of physical strength, her favorite parts of her job, and what lies ahead.